March 2016 7 9
Boris Johnson,
Mayor of London, 2008-present
Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, of Eton and the
Bullingdon Club, self-consciously bumbling English
politician, popular historian, Classicist and journalist
who has served as Mayor of London since 2008 and
as MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip since 2015.
As Europe correspondent for the Daily Telegraph in
the 1990s, Johnson lied about the expansionism of
the European Commission and the likes of its policies
on straightening bananas. In one 2002 column he
used the phrases "piccannies" and "watermelon
smiles" when referring to Africans. Elsewhere, he
used homophobic terminology - referring to gay men
as "tank-topped bumboys" and fulminating that it
was "appalling" that the Labour government of Prime
Minister Tony Blair was repealing Section 28, a piece
of Conservative legislation that was intended to
prevent the "promotion" of homosexuality, particularly
with regard to children.
Johnson, who spent part of his childhood in Brussels,
is said to retain deep antipathy to Little Englanders
but he is a duplicitous opportunist and his recent
vaunted declaration for Britain’s exit from the EU
(Brexit), which risks prejudicing not just his country
and ours, but ultimately the peace of a fragile
continent, is intended primarily to advance his profile
and his prime-ministerial ambitions. He is insincere
and cynical, and he will be exposed.
March 2016