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Sir Jeffrey Donaldson’s dubious former associates.

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson and Sir James Molyneaux.

By Dónal Lavery

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP is now the new, or rather “old”, ‘shining light’ of Ulster Unionism, as part of what seems a “coronation” after an “abdication” by Edwin Poots MLA. Both are socially conservative and oppose some LGBTQ issues, both are staunch Orangemen, but both do differ in ways that can be elaborated on. 

Prior to being involved in politics, Mr Donaldson was a member of the security services, having joined the Ulster Defence Regiment. But his military background is not really the point of the article. Sir Jeffrey was thoroughly acquainted with the former Tory cabinet minister and child abuser, Enoch Powell MP, as his constituency agent from 1982-84. The same Mr Powell sexually abused young Richard Kerr (a resident of the notorious Kincora Boy’s Home) at a hotel in Portrush, in a particularly violent manner, as well as other boys in the U.K. and Ireland. Likewise, Lord James Molyneaux was another alleged paedophile with whom Sir Jeffrey closely worked for as a Personal Assistant whilst Molyneaux was an MP. Lord Molyneaux went on to become the leader of the Ulster Unionist Party for many years and has been extensively exposed by the work of Village Magazine.

Enoch Powell.

Following these associations, Sir Jeffrey became a real ‘rising star’ in the Ulster Unionist Party (without the academic loftiness which his mentor, Enoch Powell, seemed to be so entrenched in and encouraged of his protégées) first becoming an Assemblyman and then eventually succeeding the paedophile Lord Molyneaux as the MP for Laganvalley when he eventually retired.

When the Good Friday Peace Agreement was being finalised in 1998, Sir Jeffrey infamously walked out of the talks and opposed David Trimble consistently in his efforts for some time – with a suspicion he might oust Trimble as leader over the issue of decommissioning. In doing so, he eventually allied himself with Lord Molyneaux again and right-wing fanatics in the DUP and other groupings, who deeply opposed the Agreement, which included “demon pastors” like the notorious paedophile, Loyalist paramilitary and acknowledged child abuser, Alan Campbell (who was a school teacher in Belfast probed for distributing racist, pro-Apartheid material to his pupils, by the Ministry of Education and was a suspect in the murder of young Brian McDermott). 

Alan Campbell.

It goes without saying that Sir Jeffrey was not involved in any criminality. However, it is his judgement that is called into question: he was closely associated politically with disturbing figures who perpetrated wicked acts against vulnerable children. Arguably, this leaves such a political figure open to potential ‘ridicule’ as a very poor judge of character, a man who failed to see what these people were really like.

Astutely, Mr Donaldson went on to serve in a power-sharing administration as a Junior Minister he seemed to vehemently oppose once, after some partial concessions therein with the Saint Andrew’s Agreement in 2006-7 (which fell short of the reasons he vociferously stood against Trimble over). By this analysis, Sir Jeffrey is a ‘seasoned’ politician in ways and an able communicator, but who will probably not be capable despite even his ‘best’ efforts (or that of his party) to prevent the Brexit Protocol from being applied or to effectively ‘frustrate’ legally binding agreements reached by the two sovereign governments in London and Dublin (with the European Union) – who can simply legislate over his head if needs be, should that actually occur. He sits at Westminster, where his party are now an isolated minority faction, ignored and betrayed by the Conservatives they once kept in power under Theresa May (who as Home Secretary refused to include Kincora in the more legally ‘powerful’ Westminster based child abuse inquiry).

Donaldson, Foster and Trimble.

Ultimately, the Democratic Unionist Party are collapsing at the seams and in time it is probable more of their peculiar “secrets” and baggage will emerge due to the consternation of those people now deposed or sidelined in this Shakespearean power-struggle which ruthlessly brought down Arlene Foster (Mr Donaldson’s ally from the Ulster Unionist Party) for reasons nobody has made forthcoming. Aside from personalities, it begs one to ask why she was even knifed in the back politically in the first place when a change of direction really seems improbable. 

Thomas Hogg of the DUP.

Much of this dark material can hardly be “news” to the DUP given the outing of their former “golden boy” of local government, Thomas Hogg, who has been exposed as a paedophile who tried to prey on a young boy and is set to be stripped of his ‘honours’ that were granted by the Queen herself on their recommendation for his services and character. Other figures remain within the party who were close political and social “buddies” of the “beast of Kincora Boys Home”, William McGrath (another self-professed evangelical preacher), and other child abusers deeply connected to that den of iniquity. Former U.K. Army Intelligence Officer, Captain Colin Wallace, has made clear his official brief was to inform the media as to the ‘dubious’ associations Unionist figures (including in the DUP) had, which left them open to ‘compromise’ and ridicule. So, this is hardly idle speculation by a Commentator but then again no secrets survive too long when others, in the state apparatus or public, acutely know of them. A widespread ethical clear-out and overhaul would be a constructive start for any DUP leader, with their fortunes severely dwindling as Jim Allister snaps at their heels!

Colin Wallace (right) seen here with the former Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, Terence O’Neill.


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