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Lyra McKee to expose Kincora-driven murder. By Joseph de Burca

Lyra McKee’s book on the assassination of Robert Bradford MP is to be released within a matter of weeks.

The book will explore the deeply sinister  links between the slaying of Bradford and the Kincora Boys Home scandal. Village readers will be familiar with the scandal on account of the  reports we have been publishing about it since 2017.

While we await the publication of the book, readers are invited to scour our archive to view our revelations about  Kincora.

The archives of Ed Moloney’s ‘Broken Elbow’ blog are also well worth a visit. Moloney was crucial in breaking a series of revelations about Kincora in the 1980s and has never lost interest in the scandal. A recent entry in his blog concerns the death of Valerie Shaw who tried to end the suffering of the children at Kincora by telling Ian Paisley about it. Paisley did nothing for the boys and lied about his knowledge of Kincora to his last breath.

The work of the late Liam Clarke in the Belfast Telegraph provides further insights and is readily available online.

Further details about Kincora can be found in the following books:

Who Framed Colin Wallace by Paul Foot

The Kincora Scandal by Chris Moore

Also of note is Martin Dillon. He is the author of a series of books which are worth their weight in gold for anyone who wants to learn about what really happened in the shadows during the Troubles including Kincora. His book, The Dirty War, is essential reading.

Village will be posting further short articles on the ramifications of Lyra McKee’s book, ‘Angels with Blue Faces’  over the next few weeks.