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Meghan Markle and the ABC-Buckingham Palace sex-abuse scandal

By Joseph de Burca

Buckingham Palace has been sitting on a time-bomb since 2015: the ABC sex-abuse cover-up scandal.

The Palace is currently engaged in a most undignified war of words with the Duchess of Sussex (Meghan Markle). The ABC scandal could erupt merely  if Markle decides to draw attention to it.

The ABC scandal concerns the involvement of officials at Buckingham Palace in the cover-up of the Jeffrey Epstein child-abuse scandal. Details of it can be found here: Judge a (future) king by his courtiers: Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, pawns in the cover-up of a transatlantic paedophile network.

Amy Robach who exposed the ABC-Buckingham Palace child sex abuse cover-up.

Markle has already shown a streak of independence on this very issue. After the disastrous interview Prince Andrew gave to the BBC in 2019, she let it be known that she felt “uncomfortable” at his suggestion that he would have remembered having slept with the then-17-year-old Virginia Roberts because sex, for a man, was a “positive act”.

Markle works with and supports charities which help sex-abuse victims. She is hardly sincere in her concern for abuse victims. If she were, she would surely have drawn attention to the ABC scandal by now.

It is unlikely that Markle raised details of it during the interview she and her husband gave to Oprah Winfrey which is to be broadcast after the weekend. It was recorded a number of weeks ago. Things have become a lot more ugly since then.

The Palace’s reprehensible ABC gambit exposes the ruthless, brutal and callous character of the people who manipulate the affairs of the Royal family. In light of the Palace’s attempts to blacken Markle’s name, she may now decide to plunge the ABC dagger.

Meanwhile, the Palace is ahead in the war of words between Markle and the Monarchy. Markle is being vilified in the media for wearing expensive ‘bood money’ earrings given to her by Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, the individual responsible for the murder of Washington Post writer Jamal Khashoggi.

Having buried claims Markle bullied her staff in London, the Palace has now resuscitated them.

To add to this picture of a self-serving hypocrite, the Palace is drawing attention to the misery Markle is heaping upon Elizabeth II while her 99-year old husband Philip fights for his life.

Whether by accident or design, Harry is being portrayed as little more than Markle’s lap dog.

The international media presently hangs on every word Markle utters. Their interest in her is such that the combined power and influence of the Palace and Foreign Office has no chance of sidelining her, let alone gaining control over the reporting of what she may choose to say in the future. Their only option is vilification. But if they push her too far, she may highlight the ABC scandal to demonstrate to the public the true nature of her detractors.

Not even Rupert Murdoch could put that cat back in the bag.


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