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Obit(ch)uary: Zbigniew Brzezinski

A mountain of broken skeletons

The passing of the Dark Lords

Zbigniew Brzezinski died (May 26). He, more than anyone on the planet, deserves condemnation for having stoked the snakepit that is now the Middle East; not to mention unleashing the plague of militant Islamic terrorism now exploding across Europe.

David Rockerfeller

Brzezinski was part of a triumvirate of Western powerbrokers whose malign influence has scorched the Earth for more than 50 years. One of his confreres, David Rockefeller, died last March aged 101. Now, only the third member of the coven, Henry Kissinger, is left to serve the interests of the billionaires and trillionaires of Wall Street and NATO. When Kissinger goes, their combined legacy will be plain to see: a mountain of twisted and broken skeletons.

Brzezinski was born into an aristocratic Polish family which avoided liquidation by the Soviets in the Katyn Forest during WWII because his father was a diplomat on a posting to Canada when Stalin’s troops rolled across Polish border. Brzezinski was horrified at the atrocities committed by the Soviets, especially the slaughter of the Polish aristocracy, and became an ardent anti-Communist. Undeniably intelligent and driven, he rose to become US President Jimmy Carter’s security adviser, 1976-1980, a perch which gave him sway over the CIA and its murder machine. He continued its traditional use as an instrument to lash out against the Soviets at any given moment and, when suitable opportunities failed to materialise, he was perfectly capable of conjuring them up out of thin air.


‘Some stirred-up muslims’

In January 1998 he admitted to Le Nouvel Observateur, a French news magazine, that it was he who initiated the CIA campaign to arm the Mujahedin in July 1978, a full six months before the Soviet troops crossed the border into Afghanistan to prop up its pro-Soviet government. Brzezinski explained that the arming of the Mujahideen was designed to lure the Soviets into a conflict they could not win. Asked if he regretted the horrors he had unleashed, he responded indignantly: “Regret what? The secret operation was an excellent idea. It had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap and you want me to regret it? The day that the Soviets officially crossed the border, I wrote to President Carter: ‘We now have the opportunity of giving to the USSR a Vietnam War’. Indeed, for almost 10 years, Moscow had to carry on a war unsupportable by the government, a conflict that brought about the demoralisation and finally the breakup of the Soviet empire”.

When he was asked if he had second thoughts about arming Islamist extremists, he responded: “What is most important to the history of the world? The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet Empire? Some stirred-up Muslims or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the Cold War?”.

Readers can make up their own minds about the wisdom of kicking a hornets’ nest of militant Muslims.


Washington’s political ringmasters

Jimmy Carter was evicted from the White House after just one term but Brzezinski maintained a fast grip on the levers of power in Washington. His prowess had not derived from his association with Carter, nor even the Democratic Party, rather from the billionaires who really run America. In fact it was Brzezinski who had plucked the well-meaning Carter from relative political obscurity because his brand of integrity was exactly what the American electorate was yearning for after the nightmare of Watergate. Brzezinski forged a link with Carter by inviting him to join the Trilateral Commission (described in the next section) and getting his billionaire patrons to back him.


Zbigniew and friends


Brzezinski, along with Rockefeller and Kissinger, maintained their hypnotic hold over all of the US presidents who succeeded Carter up to and including Barack Obama who had no qualms about thanking Brzezinski for advising him on international affairs during his first presidential election campaign.

Perhaps the one positive result of Donald Trump’s election is that he doesn’t appear to be a product of the Brzezinski-Rockefeller-Kissinger (BRK) political conveyor belt. Interestingly however, Brzezinski’s daughter Mika co-hosts MSNBC’s weekday morning broadcast Morning Joe with former Republican representative Joe Scarborough. Brzezinski is also a visiting fellow at the Harvard Institute of Politics in the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Trump recently enveloped himself in controversy by attacking the couple, alleging Mika was bleeding from cosmetic surgery when he refused to meet her at Christmas 2016.


The Trilateral Commission and Ireland

David Rockefeller outside the Four Seasons Hotel Dublin after a meeting of the Trilateral Commission in 2010

Brzezinski and David Rockefeller established the Trilateral Commission in 1973, a secretive organisation employed by high financiers to co-ordinate banking and economic stratagems between Washington, Western Europe and Japan. Rockefeller attended the Trilateral Commission meeting held in the Four Seasons hotel in Dublin in 2010 without drawing the attention of the mainstream Irish media.

Irish dignitaries who have served on it include Garret FitzGerald and Liam Lawlor, the former Fianna Fáil TD who died in Russia after many bruising encounters at the Mahon Tribunal where his corrupt political career and business dealings were dissected forensically. Leon Brittan, who helped cover-up the existence of paedophile rings while British Home Secretary, also served on the Trilateral Commission.


The art of sphincter oscillation

The tendrils of the Trilateral Commission reach out to its sister organisations, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Bilderberg Group, through the BRK Nexus. Bilderberg is an organisation made up of the so-called global elite which meets in secret annually to discuss and influence world events from behind closed doors. The power of these organisations is hard to pinpoint with exactitude and undoubtedly waxes and wanes but one thing about Bilderberg is clear: hopeful US presidential make pilgrimages to it, falling on their bended knees before its high priests because they know – or at least believe – they are the powerbrokers who have to be charmed if they have any chance of having a decent tilt at the White House. At Bilderberg hopeful candidates are also provided with an opportunity to prostrate themselves before media oligarchs. Those who are sufficiently skilled in the art of sphincter oscillation tend to receive the Bilderberger stamp of approval, after which they are ushered through secret doors to brown nose the billionaires likely to bankroll their political campaigns. All they have to do in return is serve the interests of Wall Street and NATO whether at the expense of their electorate or not. Suffice it to say, the likes of Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn and other apparently authentic left-wing firebrands do not receive invitations to Bilderberg, serve on the Trilateral Commission or join the CFR.


Bilderberg for Blueshirts

The list of Irish politicians who have attended Bilderberg includes Garret FitzGerald, Peter Sutherland, Michael Noonan, Michael McDowell, and more recently Simon Coveney, all from Fine Gael or its gene pool. Michael O’Leary of Ryanair – party political allegiance unknown – attended the June 2017 conference in Chantilly, Virginia, not far from the HQ of the CIA at Langley, Virginia. It is not believed he flew any of his fellow 130 delegates to Chantilly on board his fleet of yellow-pack jets.

All told, the Irish delegates have rubbed shoulders with former NATO chiefs, global press barons, former US presidents and British Prime Ministers, and assorted intelligence mandarins. Henry Kissinger and NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg attended Chantilly last month.


FitzGerald first got to know Thatcher at a meeting of the Bilderberg Group before she became British Prime Minister. He then visited her and her political guru Airey Neave at Westminster before the INLA assassinated him in 1979.


The DNA of the Bilderberg Group is intrinsically pro-NATO. This was what made it such a natural fit for Garret FitzGerald who served two terms as Taoiseach. It was he who forged the link between Bilderberg and the Blueshirts. As a precocious student at UCD, the young FitzGerald had engaged in a lengthy newspaper-letter-writing debate arguing that Ireland should join NATO. He also described in his first autobiography how it was at a Bilderberg conference that he first met Margaret Thatcher. After that he visited her and her close adviser Airey Neave on a number of occasions in the House of Commons while she was leader of the Opposition. Neave was a former intelligence officer famed for his escape from Colditz during WWII, as described in some of his bestselling books on the topic. He was assassinated as he drove out of the House of Commons by an INLA car bomb on 30 March 1979.

The toffee-nosed minions of BRK & Co in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the thugs in suits they control at MI6 have never displayed much interest in luring the malodorous buffoons of Fianna Fáil to Bilderberg; that type of distasteful contact is confined to the conference rooms of the British-Irish Association (BIA) where the windows are large and the ventilation is good. All sorts of unwashed Irish creatures are tolerated at the BIA, a micro-version of Bilderberg with all its cloak-and-dagger palaver. It was set up by the newspaper baron David Astor, an MI6 asset with some help from a few other well-meaning but naïve dignitaries with no links to the British intelligence community in the early 1970s. It was run for years by Garret FitzGerald’s friend, Dame Daphne Park, a one-time highflying MI6 mandarin and self-confessed murderer. MI5 are also deeply involved.

The FCO Oxbridge boys and girls who run the BIA have a tradition of mocking the Irish behind their backs. Not even Garret FitzGerald was immune. He was the victim of a cruel parody by FCO officials at an amateur Whitehall Christmas pantomime in 1976 where his perceived grovelling to NI Secretary of State, 1976 – 1979, Roy Mason, provided much amusement.


Leo’s dilemma

While the Bilderbergers favoured Simon Coveney with an invitation and thereby bestowed their pre-emptive, if ultimately thwarted, blessing on him in his campaign to become the next Taoiseach, there is little doubt they will correct this miscalculation by inviting Leo Varadkar to the next conclave. Whether he will go is an open question. If he does, he should remember that when you sup with the Devil it is always a good idea to bring a long spatula with you.

David Rockefeller attended Bilderberg meetings all his life. Its inaugural meeting took place in 1954. One of Rockefeller’s greatest coups was to form an alliance with Allen Dulles of the CIA in the early 1950s transforming it into a truly diabolical organisation dedicated to the overthrow of anyone who threatened Rockefeller’s global business interests, not to mention those of his fellow billionaires, many of whom were friends and former clients of Allen Dulles who had been a Wall Street lawyer before becoming a serial-killing spook.

This unholy alliance hurled the CIA along a demonic path of kidnap, blackmail, torture, political assassination and regime-change of governments around the world who nationalised US business interests or threatened the supply of oil to the West. This accounts for its oft quoted nickname: Capitalism’s Invisible Army. A Deputy Garda Commissioner who once served as the force’s intelligence supremo told me that while he was in charge he had refused point-blank to have any dealings with the CIA because “they would sell you guns to shoot your mother”. That about sums it up. Under Dulles’ malign influence and that of his successors, hundreds of thousands of people were murdered, tortured and vilified in such far-flung places as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Central and Latin America, not to mention the Middle East. Readers interested in learning more about Rockefeller’s alliance with Dulles should purchase a copy of the chilling book, ‘The Devil’s Chessboard’ (2016) by David Talbot.



Brzezinski and Rockefeller have left the stage now – permanently – while Kissinger’s influence is undoubtedly on the wane; nonetheless, their adepts lurk in the shadows ready to step up to the high altar if they are not already standing on it.

The sad truth is that the ghouls who ultimately hold the strings that control these shadowy organisations rarely have the masks torn from their faces. The truly diabolical James Jesus Angleton, who served as Allen Dulles’ right-hand man at the CIA, finally realised the catastrophe that had been his life as he neared his death and dropped his own mask. Ireland’s Bilderberg delegates would do themselves no harm by reading the account David Talbot provides of Angleton at the end of ‘The Devil’s Chessboard’:
“But as he crept towards death in 1987, Angleton was less bound by the loyalty oaths of the past, and he began to talk about his career with a surprisingly raw clarity. By then, his lungs were cancer-ridden from a lifetime of incessant smoking, and his sunken cheeks and receding eyes gave him the look of fallen saint. The Catholic Angleton had always needed to believe in the holiness of his mission. And now, as he faced the final judgement, he felt compelled to make confessions, of sorts, to visiting journalists, including Joseph Trento. What he confessed was this. He had not been serving God, after all, when he followed Allen Dulles. He had been on a satanic quest.

These were some of James Jesus Angleton’s dying words. He delivered them between fits of calamitous coughing – lung-scraping seizures that still failed to break him of his cigarette habit – and soothing sips of tea. “Fundamentally, the founding fathers of U.S. intelligence were liars”, Angleton told Trento in an emotionless voice. “The better you lied and the more you betrayed, the more likely you would be promoted … Outside of their duplicity, the only thing they had in common was a desire for absolute power. I did things that, in looking back on my life, I regret. But I was part of it and loved being in it”.

He invoked the names of the high eminences who had run the CIA in his day – [Allen] Dulles, [Dick] Helms, [Frank] Wisner. These men were “the grand masters”, he said. “If you were in a room with them, you were in a room full of people that you had to believe would deservedly end up in hell”.
Angleton took another slow slip from a steaming cup. “I guess I will see them there soon”.

Beyond question, the Irish delegates to Bilderberg are living saints compared to those who run these secret organisations; nonetheless they are also quite literally innocents abroad. Our delegates owe it to themselves to read up on the deeds perpetrated by BRK & Co and then ask themselves how they could ever have accepted an invitation to somewhere like Bilderberg. No doubt they will be offered invitations in the future to discuss the advancement of the EU, the perfidy of Putin and Brexit etc, but who gave the likes of BRK & Co the right to influence these events behind closed doors? Why should the Blueshirts dance to their tune? The Bilderbergers exert whatever influence they have because delegates extend it to them by their presence. If they did not attend their conferences the world might see most of them for the naked emperors they really are. (The media barons, of course, will always retain their power no matter what.) With the passing of Brzezinski and Rockerfeller, now is a good time to say good riddance and hope for better.

If Varadkar – a purported champion of transparency – succumbs to the invisible pressures to bend his knee to the opaque Dark Lords at forthcoming Bilderberg conferences, he can bank on the mainstream Irish media looking the other way. (The Phoenix magazine has been an honourable exception to this for decades.) If Leo sneaks out the back door wearing his stylish dark glasses en route to Bilderberg, we will let you know.

by Joseph de Búrca