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Denis’s mind is on the big picture and packing in as much litigation as possible, while fellow billionaire Dermot spends too much time on philanthropy, his kids’ burger thing, and golf.

Dear Dermot,

“And so a citizen, about whom falsehoods are uttered in the Dáil, upheld by the Dáil’s Committee on Procedures and Privileges, decides to seek vindication, is admonished by The Irish Times (Editorial, “In defence of Dáil privilege”, August 5th).
“Not only that but such action is described as “dangerous”.
“Is this the same newspaper that was engaged in a “deliberate act of destruction” (of documents), as described by the Chief Justice in 2006? – Yours, etc,

Got them there, did you see? Nothing worse than a deliberate act of destruction. I’ll show them falsehoods. Falsehoods that show that that Catherine Murphy is a charlatan. At least I’ll either do that or just keep on going go on and on about falsity, and hope that people have forgotten or got bored by what I said when Cregan produces his IBRC report. I may even do a job on it like I did with Moriarty. You don’t mess with Denis. Reminds me of the time I drove my Mum’s car across the cricket pitches in High School in the snow and got suspended; but bounced back cos they needed me for the rugger team. Always bouncing back.
Waterford Whispers, whatever that is (Morrissey – on retainer – found them) wimpishly removed an article about me from their site, following a threat of legal action from solicitors.
Going on about bloody Esat and the opinions of the Moriarty tribunal on my dealings with Lowry. Jokers.
The article was accompanied by a digitally altered image of me with the head of a criminal superimposed. It made me really sad, but I bounced back.
Meaghers wrote it was a “malicious and deliberate defamation of the most serious kind”, and demanded it be removed from the website. Failure to comply, they said, would lead them to “take all necessary steps to vindicate our client’s good name and reputation”. Good lad, Paulie. One of the great benefits of going to college is friendships. ignored the letter I sent their way almost AS IF THEY DON’T KNOW WHO I AM. Work-shy SIPTU-heads. I don’t really want to play out the whole issue of whether paying Lowry after he awarded us the licence could possibly be classified as corrupt. I mean what if I sue Broadsheet and the DPP presses charges? I’m sure, as an Esat investor you’re with me on that.
I see Mr Justice Colm Mac Eochaidh will be taking over the defamation list in the High Court (ring of steel) from October. Beak criticised my attacks on Moriarty’s opinions.
Anyway I’m currently also suing the Oireachtas Committee on Procedure and Privileges, accusing it of interfering with the courts and breaching my Constitutional rights after ruling that She and Pearse Doherty did not abuse Dáil privilege when they made claims about my banking arrangements with IBRC in the Dáil chamber. Is this the same Sinn Féin that engaged in deliberate acts of destruction? The idea that I had favourable terms or that for some reason I was keen to defer my loans is a falsehood so great that it shakes most people’s faith in civilisation.
Top guys William Fry (super firm), which is representing me in the case, has been appointed as legal adviser to the Cregan commission of investigation into transactions by IBRC, including deals with me.
Frys has a long-standing relationship with me, dating back to the Esat bid, and represented me in the recent case against RTÉ as well as in previous proceedings against the Revenue Commissioners.
Digicel invested in UCD-based Heystaks which analyses Smartphone use. Named after my hair. And bunged a few quid into San Fran-based Wrap Media to create a “groundbreaking mobile storytelling platform”: what’s not to love about that?
Bailed out of British fuel company, Harvest Energy.
Bought a new jet.
Got the usual fawning coverage of that in the Irish media.
But the big picture now is the Digicel flotation in New York due before the end of the year.
As to you, Sir, Dustin Johnson, the world’s number four golfer, apparently prepared for the British Open with a summer weekend in Dublin visiting you and your kids, Brett, Ross and Derry (mighty names big boy), the trio who brought the Five Guys burger franchise to Ireland.
CPL founder Anne Heraty, Galway solicitor Brian Lynch, you and I, sir are among a group that has given green-jersey seed funding for early work on a new Irish tall ship which will teach young people to sail. You’d have to agree with Maurice Manning that while not the sharpest, I do make up for it with infectious enthusiasm.
The vessel will cost €16m to build, funded by State and philanthropic donations. Ireland has had no tall ship for training purposes since the Asgard II sank in 2008.
I’ll help you with the philanthropy, and make sure you keep up the golf – and the burgers. The real action, Dr Desmond, is this direction. And I always bounce back.

See you in Twickenham.