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Palace of Discord and Deception. [Updated] Prince William’s officials covered-up his uncle’s involvement in the Epstein-Maxwell sex trafficking scandal. By Joseph de Burca.

Buckingham Palace is trying to throw Prince Andrew to the wolves. Lies are being told about the Epstein-Maxwell cover-up. The truth could draw Prince William into the scandal. Queen Elizabeth is being treated as a lame duck monarch by opportunistic courtiers with an eye to pleasing Prince Charles. Someone is twisting her arm to get her to abandon her favourite son, Prince Andrew. In addition, the UK media is afraid to investigate a second potential scandal linked to Prince Andrew.

Buckingham Palace went to extraordinary lengths to cover-up the involvement of Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, in the Jeffrey Epstein-Ghislaine Maxwell sex trafficking scandal. The Royal was supplied with a 17-year-old-girl, Virginia Roberts (Giuffre), who was commanded to have sex with him three times, once in London. Palace officials threatened to blackball ABC, an American TV station which got hold of the story in 2015.

The latest development is that Prince Andrew has sold his Swiss chalet which will provide him with millions with which to finance a settlement with Roberts. The case will proceed as the judge in the US has rejected his application to discontinue it.

What if it is now to late to settle with his victim having branded her a liar?

To make matters worse for the Duke, a witness has come forward who can confirm that Roberts spoke to her about her involvement with the Duke at the time of the abuse. The witness saw the infamous picture of the Duke with Roberts and Ghislaine Maxwell shortly after it was taken.

What will the Metropolitan Police do if he  manages to settle the civil action by handing over five or six million – or even more – to Roberts? An innocent man would fight his corner rather than enrich a liar who has destroyed his reputation, especially to the extent of making her a multi millionairess.

The Duke will hardly settle with Roberts without a guarantee from her  that she will boycott any future criminal prosecution brought against him in London. A criminal prosecution would be doomed to failure without her full co-operation and testimony. Surely, Met. Comissioner Cressida Dick would have to resign if a deal on those terms Is concluded. She refused to investigate the case when Roberts was prepared to co-operate fully.

The behaviour of the Royal Family has been a shambolic disaster thus far. In 2015 ABC was warned  that Prince William and Kate would shun them in the future if they ran an interview they had recorded with Roberts. She was 17, he was 41. ABC backed down. More details can be found here: Judge a (future) king by his courtiers: Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, pawns in the cover-up of a transatlantic paedophile network.

A video of Amy Robach, the ABC reporter can be accessed via the video in the links below:

In the wake of the conviction of Ghislaine Maxwell, the Palace is now trying to rewrite its sordid role in the cover-up. So-called ‘anonymous’ sources are pretending that there was no concealment, rather that matters got out of hand because of the arrogance of the Duke.

The Duke has enjoyed the  unwavering support and protection of his devoted mother,  Queen Elizabeth. Clearly, he is now being thrown to the wolves by her courtiers. It is not fanciful to speculate that the monarch is  viewed as a lame duck by her senior retainers as she battles ill health, fatigue and great old age. If the control of Buckingham Palace is indeed passing to Prince Charles, it can be inferred that he has decided that his brother’s sexual excesses are not going to ruin his forthcoming reign as king.

The latest message from the Palace via The Daily Mail  is that the Queen is refusing the bail out Prince Andrew, her reputed favourite child. It is more likely that she has had her elderly arm twisted than that she has abandoned Prince Andrew out of a sudden disgust at his behaviour.

The Daily Mail was the conduit for the new PR line which the Palace began taking last week. It reported last week that:

“Speaking on condition of anonymity, a senior former royal adviser stressed that while there was no knowledge of the extent of the duke’s friendship with Epstein and Maxwell to anyone outside of the prince’s private office, the ‘Andrew problem’ was a long-running issue for the royal household in general.

‘Anyone who even dared to offer their professional advice that maybe his way wasn’t the right one was met with a decisive ‘f*** off out of my office’,’ the source said”.

The account is backed up by other former royal staff, all of whom claim the prince acted as if he “didn’t have to answer to anyone” and was allowed to “go rogue”.

Particularly troublesome, it was said, was Andrew’s role as a roving trade ‘ambassador’, which saw him repeatedly criticised for cosying up to highly controversial world leaders and businessmen.

A former Buckingham Palace staff member recalled how it was an “impossible job” to persuade the prince or his advisers to take any instruction. “The duke made clear that the only person he answered to was the Queen”, they said.

“He wouldn’t take advice from anyone. [He] acted with total impunity and staff were just too scared to stand up to him as a member of the Royal Family. Her Majesty almost always backed him and he fully exploited that.

There’s an element of Buckingham Palace sleepwalking into his whole crisis. Andrew would tell his family that it was all untrue and it would all go away”.

It would stretch credulity beyond breaking point to suggest that the Mail’s primary ‘source’ and the other ‘former’ courtiers have all emerged at the same time with the same deceptive story by coincidence. The sources also appear to have no fear of any repercussion for breaking their duty of silence to the Palace. There can only be a tiny pool of people with this background who have retired in the recent past. It would be easy to identify them. Would they all risk losing a pension just to vent some exasperation at the Duke? Or is this all part of a structured PR offensive?

More importantly, why are the Mail’s sources concealing the true history of the Royal cover-up? Some of them must have been involved in the ABC operation in 2015. If they were not complicit, they would have learnt about it in 2019 when the ABC reporter gave the public chapter and verse about it. They all purport to have been involved in PR duties at the Palace. Curiously, the ABC revelation received minimal coverage in the British press at the time. However, as courtiers at the heart of the Palace’s PR machinery, they would have known about it. Why are they being so deceitful about these events now?

A  number of specific questions arise:

  • How can the Palace lay exclusive blame at the feet of the Duke if officials made threats to ABC TV in 2015? The scandal did not erupt again until 2018?
  • Since Prince Andrew never had control over media access to his nephew, precisely who made the threats?
  • Is it possible that a threat to limit the activities of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge could have been made without the complicity of their staff?
  • Was Prince William aware the threats were being issued?
  • Why, if Prince William was not a party to the operation, has he not sought the dismissal of the guilty officials?
  • Has Prince William even complained about the fact he and his wife were exploited to protect a paedophile ring?
  • How many more children and teenagers suffered because the abuse perpetrated by Epstein and Maxwell was allowed to continue for three years after the ABC investigation was shut down?
  • If the Epstein scandal had not been exposed (for the second time) in 2018 in the US, would the Palace – aware of Prince Andrew’s role in it – have continued to let him represent the Royal Family indefinitely.
  • Is it conceivable that courtiers presently employed at the Palace have had no hand, act or part in the message being fed to the Mail about Prince Andrew?
  • What of Prince Charles, the man with the most to gain from isolating his brother?
  • Is Boris Johnsonor or anyone in the Cabinet Office involved in these machinations?
Not a single media outlet in the UK is asking these sorts of questions.
The UK media is also ignoring Prince Andrew’s unsettling relationship with the late Lord Greville Janner. Prince Andrew knew Janner well. He was a paedophile. The Royal put him and a young male prostitute from Belfast on his guest list for a performance of ‘The Prince and the Pauper’ in London. The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse was told about it but did not ask Prince Andrew any questions. The story can be read here: The Prince, the pauper and the paedophile peer: the dangerous
The UK police has failed to investigate the Duke’s abuse of Virginia Roberts, the 17-year-old girl at Ghislaine Maxwell’s London address, despite an abundance of evidence. The latest development is that he cannot show the US court a single medical record to back up his assertion that he had a condition which prevented him from sweating. He had made this claim as part of his effort to brand Virginia Roberts a liar for she had claimed he had sweated profusely while dancing in her company in London. In addition, no witness has come forward to support his contention that he was at the Pizza Express restaurant in Woking, also in London, on one of the days Roberts (now Guifree) says she was in his company. This includes family members and the staff at the restaurant. Roberts is the teenager in the photograph of the Duke which also features Maxwell. It was taken by Epstein.
In addition, the Palace is almost certainly behind the ongoing attempts to suppress the diaries of Prince Andrew’s paedophile uncle, Lord Louis Mountbatten. Andrew Lownie, the international bestselling author (and sometime contributor to this magazine) has been forced to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds in legal fees to have them released. One of the excuses being put forward for their concealment is that they will embarrass the ‘dignity’ of the Queen. See Lownie’s article for Village: The Mystery of the Missing Mountbatten Diaries
Mountbatten got away with abusing boys around the world, some as young as eight years of age. An English pimp supplied some of them to him in over-sized baby clothes. See
Mountbatten also abused boys from Kincora Boys’ Home in Belfast and Portora Royal College, Enniskillen, during his visits to Ireland. Stephen Waring, one of the Kincora victims,  committed suicide a few months later.  The abuse of Waring took place at Classiebawn castle in the Republic of Ireland. The Irish police, the gardai, have acknowledged in writing that they have logs of those who visited the castle. These logs contain the number of a vehicle driven by Joseph Mains, the ‘Warden’ of Kincora. Waring and a second Kincora boy were in Mains’ vehicle. The Irish government has become complicit in the cover-up of child rape perpetrated by the Royal, by its refusal to disclose the log entry for the visit by Mains. See SECOND UPDATE: Kincora boy abused by Mountbatten committed suicide months later.


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Judge a (future) king by his courtiers: Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, pawns in the cover-up of a transatlantic paedophile network.

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