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Prince Philip’s infidelity, love children and the Profumo scandal .

By David Burke.

Prince Philip by Stephen Ward.

Christine Keeler was the woman at the centre of the Profumo scandal. As a teenager, she slept with Captain Eugene Ivanov, a Russian naval attaché at the Soviet Embassy in London, while also having a relationship with the much older John Profumo, the high-flying Conservative MP who was Secretary of State for War.

Profumo, who met Keeler in July 1961, dramatically denied a relationship with her in the House of Commons but later admitted he had lied and, in June 1963, resigned in disgrace.

Stephen Ward, the artist and ‘society osteopath’ who had introduced Keeler to Profumo, was subsequently put on trial for living off the immoral earnings of prostitutes. He took an overdose of medication before the jury returned a verdict against him and died shortly thereafter. He was found guilty on two charges.

Keeler asserted that Stephen Ward was in fact a Russian spy and had amassed ‘kompromat’ about Establishment figures for the Soviets. Any information he passed to the Soviets is now available to Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

Keeler also claimed that the late Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was unfaithful to the Queen. “But I learned, first hand, from another of the Duke of Edinburgh’s lovers about another child. I was with her when she was pregnant”. [See page 41 of Keeler’s memoirs.] All of this was known to Ward and undoubtedly was reported to the Soviets.

But I learned, first hand, from another of the Duke of Edinburgh’s lovers about another child. I was with her when she was pregnant.

Stephen Ward during his trial.

Ward also told Keeler how he, Prince Philip and David, the Marquess of Milford Haven, a cousin of Prince Philip, ‘had all visited nightclubs together in the 1940s. They were quite wild times and it was all thought to be a little delicate for Prince Philip when Elizabeth became Queen, according to Stephen. He had no time for Philip and would always put him down in conversation for he hated the Establishment. He thought the House of Lords was full of idiots: “Through inheritance alone these people have been set up in the House of Lords to make judgements on our account, let me tell you”. He would get more and more heated and red in the face: “It’s like a thoroughbred animal; they marry their cousins and land up retarded and deformed with the interbreeding”. [p. 35.]

Ward was the son of a vicar who was married to an Irish woman from County Carlow. The Irish connection may account for some of his disdain for the British aristocracy.

Ward was also a portrait artist. After the Profumo scandal erupted, 123 of  his portraits, including members of the Royal Family such as Prince Philip and the Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret, were purchased from an exhibition at the time of the scandal for £11,517, a fortune in those days. The purchase was effected by a man who refused to give his name and paid for them by way of a bank draft.

Ward’s portraits of Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon.

The mainstream media are not reporting any of this in their glowing tributes to Prince Philip. In fairness to him, from what is known about his affairs, he seems to have engaged with consenting adults. That is more than can be said of his son Prince Andrew or his uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten. Village has published many stories about the shameful activities of the latter pair, most especially Mountbatten who was a serial paedophile.

An updated and expanded version of this article including a description of Prince Philip’s obscene comments to a junior female reporter in Canada;   the woman who denied Prince Philip was the father of her children;  the censorship of his will,  the toilet creeping paedophile cousin of the Queen Mother who spied for the Soviets;   more details about Ward and Keeler, and a comprehensive dossier on the paedophilia of Lord Mountbatten can be found here:

David Burke is the author of ‘Deception & Lies, the Hidden History of the Arms Crisis 1970’  and  ‘Kitson’s Irish War, Mastermind of the Dirty War in Ireland’  which examines the role of counter-insurgency dirty tricks in Northern Ireland in the early 1970s. His new book, ‘An Enemy of the Crown, the British Secret Service Campaign against Charles Haughey’, was published on 30 September 2022. These books can be purchased here:


Mountbatten, the Royal who abused boys aged 8-12.

SECOND UPDATE: Kincora boy abused by Mountbatten committed suicide months later

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Judge a (future) king by his courtiers: Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, pawns in the cover-up of a transatlantic paedophile network.

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Trump’s mentor: another sociopathic paedophile child-trafficker in the mix; from Roy Cohn to Epstein and Maxwell.

Palace of Discord and Deception. [Updated] Prince William’s officials covered-up his uncle’s involvement in the Epstein-Maxwell sex trafficking scandal. By Joseph de Burca.

Prince Philip’s infidelity, love children and the Profumo scandal .

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 The Prince, the pauper and the paedophile peer: the dangerous questions the BBC failed to ask.

The deep Irish background to the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. By Joseph de Burca

Backstabbing and Censorship, by Royal Command

Prince Andrew has no need to sweat after publication of the Janner paedophile report.

James Molyneaux and the Kincora scandal.

James Molyneaux was linked to Kincora child rapist in British PSYOPS document.

SECOND UPDATE: The Irish government has become complicit in the cover-up of British Royal sexual abuse committed in the Republic of Ireland. By Joseph de Burca.

Mountbatten, the Royal who abused boys aged 8-12. The British Government purchased Mountbatten’s archive for the benefit of historians (allegedly) but has locked it away. It may include details about his links to paedophile networks including the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring.

Village’s online book on the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring begins hereThe Anglo-Irish Vice Ring. Chapters 1 – 3.

Kincora survivor

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The plot to discredit victims of VIP sex abuseCarl Beech and the ‘Useful idiots’ at the BBC. The incompetence of the BBC has now made it a pawn in the cover-up of VIP sex abuse. The darkest forces in MI5 and MI6 are the true beneficiaries of its inepitude.

Enoch PowellSuffer little children.

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Margaret Thatcher, MI5 and the murder of the lawyer Patrick Finucane: Thatcher’s Murder Machine, the British State assassination of Patrick Finucane. By Joseph de Burca.

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Meghan Markle and the ABC-Buckingham Palace Child Sex Abuse Scandal: Meghan Markle and the ABC-Buckingham Palace sex-abuse scandal