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Once upon a time the US produced lacerating protest singers. Not any more. It has fallen to the Irish to fill the gap. Paddy Goodwin and the Holy Ghosts’ new song, ‘Jesus Is My Vaccine’, was written in anger at the treatment meted out by the knuckle-dragging neanderthals who abused nurses during the recent anti-lockdown protests in the US.

Goodwin constructed the piece with his collaborator Enda Whyte in the hope that it would be woven into a video of clips and quotes from the heart of Trump-land.

Then, Irish artist Conor Casby (famed for his painting of Brian Cowen) provided a picture depicting Trump as a Plague doctor. (See:

The plague doctors were charlatans who went around with hocus pocus snake-oil cures for the bubonic plague. Most of them helped spread the plague rather than cure it. Remind you of anyone? The combination of slide guitar, coruscating lyrics, Casby’s artwork and the video clips can be viewed at