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The Truth is our filter and those who betray it have always been aggressively called out by Village. Uniquely in Irish journalism, Village Magazine calls a liar a liar and a racist a racist.

Over the years it has championed whistleblowers such as Jonathan Sugarman over Unicredit, Gerard Ryan over the Ansbacher Accounts, Seamus Maye over CRH and Chay Bowes over Leo Varadkar’s leak of a government-negotiated draft contract. 

It has stood its ground in the face of High Court defamation actions from Declan Ganley, Michael Colgan, Michael McLoone and Gemma O’Doherty, and threats or huffing from the likes of Denis O’Brien, Leo Varadkar and former Attorney General Paul Gallagher. Our independence means that we set our own agenda free from commercial or party-political bias.

Now it’s time to grow this agenda.

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