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The language of Ballymagash

The Fianna Gael area rep was practisin’ his language, goin’ forward. He was glad you had asked the question but would you please let him finish. He didn’t interrupt you. Can you hear him at the back? He would have no hand, act or part in this coalition. That was a redline issue. Nothing was agreed until everything was agreed. There was not a scintilla of evidence that the scal space was what the other guy said. A lot done, more to be done. Together let’s take the next steps forward and Let’s Keep the Recovery Going. Your hard work is working. Ireland’s working again. Now let’s keep it working. Working for you. Working for him. Working for Work. He was Standing Up for Ireland’s Future and Standing up for working families. An Ireland for all. Building a better future. A future you can believe in. Change you can believe in. Belief you can change in. New sports facilities you can change in. Changing Ireland for a changing Ireland. Not the same old, same old. New roads.

No potholes. Bringing no potholes to the hard-working people of this constituency. The way forward. The Straight Road is Shortest, he mused. The long man for the long road. An end to the road to the end, for all. Democracy, republicanism, government a health service for all. Let’s keep the wheels moving: Real Plan Better Future. Making 2016 a year to believe in. Your Future, Our Future. A future for our children. A future for our county. A future you can believe in for your community. Your community, your team, your future. He had a five-point plan, a three-point programme, a contract with the people, he wanted a charter for the people, ordinary people, ordinary working people, ordinary families. A voice for you, a voice for our young people, a voice for older people. A voice that will he heard. A voice that will be heard in Dublin. No way in the wide earthly world. A voice at the table. Rewarding work, real change not spare change. A people’s debate. The people’s party. The people’s person.

The republican party. The people’s republican party. An Ireland serving the people. A convention inside a commission inside an inquiry, inside a tribunal. What did he bring to the table: Integrity, Courage, Experience. And a record of delivery. Delivering on local issues with a national impact. His record stands for itself. Vote for experience and common sense. Jobs, Education, Health. People Who Deliver. Delivery you can believe in. Active in the country. Active in the county. Activism you can count on. Difference you can rely on. County country. Core values. Going forwards not backwards. Help him to help you to help ourselves. In these serious times you need a serious candidate. Action speaks louder than words. Keeping it real. Bringing the Motorway to Molahiffe. Bringing the Luas to Listowel. Bringing the DART to Dingle. Vote 1, 2, 3 in order of your preference. Never merge, never go into coalition with Fine Fail. Identical. For (nearly) a hundred years.