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Let Theresa May, Who Has Not Sinned, Cast the First Stone: the 32-year cover-up of the Finucane assassination, its link to Kincora and the hypocrisy of the former prime minister.

By Joseph de Burca.

This week marks the 32nd anniversary of the assassination of the Belfast solicitor Patrick Finucane. In 1989 he was shot dead by UDA killers controlled by MI5 in front of his young family at his home. The British government continues to resist a judicial inquiry into the murder despite castigation from its own Supreme Court and human rights groups across the globe.

No-one in the Tory party is putting Boris Johnson under any pressure to resolve the matter.

The Finucane family


Johnson’s predecessor, Theresa May, however, has accused him of abandoning Britain’s “position of global moral leadership”. Johnson, she said, has failed to honour British values by threatening to break international law during Brexit trade negotiations. Another criticism was that he had backed away from Britain’s foreign aid targets. These two developments had not “raised our credibility in the eyes of the world”, she argued.

She then proceeded to lecture him to live up to “our values”.

And just what does she think the image of UDA assassins acting on the orders of MI5 to murder an Irish lawyer followed by a 32-year cover-up is doing for “Britain’s credibility in the eyes of the world”? Peter Cory, the Canadian judge who looked at the issue discovered that the murder had been discussed at “Cabinet level”.

Sadly, May’s ‘values’ never included an attempt to bring the long-running cover-up that has swirled around the assassination of Finucane to a halt.

In her attack on Johnson, May diverted to describe the election of the “decent” Joe Biden as US president as a “golden opportunity” for Britain to become a force for good in the world again.

Would an inquiry and the resolution of the scandal surrounding the Finucane assassination not also provide a “golden opportunity” for Britain to show that it can become a “force for good in the world again”?


The impotent David Cameron.

There is a more to May’s hypocrisy than meets the eye: she was the Home Secretary who thwarted earlier demands for a judicial inquiry. MI5 is part of the Home Office and reported to her. At the time she was covering up for MI5, David Cameron was prime minister. He met with the Finucane family at 10 Downing Street where he told them that he could not order a public inquiry. When Finucane’s brother Martin asked him why, he turned to Mrs Finucane and said: “Look, the last administration couldn’t deliver an inquiry in your husband’s case and neither can we”. According to Cameron, this was because “there are people all around this place, [10 Downing Street], who won’t let it happen”. As he was saying this, he raised a finger and made a circular motion in the air.

Patrick Walker, director-general of MI5 at the time of the murder of Patrick Finucane.

Cameron has not – and probably never will – expose the figures around him in Downing Street who were able to dictate what he could and could not do. Theresa May must know who the culprits are. (They are presumably high-ranking civil servants who have seen the files and know precisely who ordered the murder of Finucane. The list of suspects includes Margaret Thatcher whom May admires.) It clearly does not bother May that State officials have been – and continue to be – complicit in the perversion of justice. One of the officials suspected of complicity in the murder in 1989 – long-since retired – is still alive. So too is Patrick Walker the director-general of MI5 at the time.

Theresa May as she likes to see herself: a moral and religious person, the daughter of a man of the cloth. So why did she permit the cover-up of the murder of an Irish lawyer?


May likes to project the image of a deeply religious woman with a moral compass handed to her by her father, a man of the cloth who also understood right from wrong and was possessed of the right ‘values’. Yet, if this was so, why did Team May scrub details of his life from Wikipedia? The mainstream media ignored this act of censorship. There are few comments about the development anywhere but it is addressed in this intriguing article:

The slaughter of children by jets and missiles made in Britain does not pre-occupy Theresa May either. These children were killed in the Yemen. Nowadays, May criticises Boris Johnson for not meeting the UK’s foreign-aid commitments.

As prime minister May was never bothered by British sales of weapons to an array of foreign powers. How does she feel about the tens of thousands of people who have died as a result? Clearly, slaughtering children in the Yemen is acceptable in her eyes if it generates income for the economy of the UK.

Mark Curtis and his colleagues at Declassified UK have covered this scandal in great detail. Interested readers should consult:


Privately, May has always been disdainful of Johnson’s prodigious sexploits. Yet, Johnson’s sexual partners have always been adults who have been willing – no doubt eager – to sleep with him. This highlights another dimension to May’s hypocrisy: she is critical of consensual sex between adults while covering-up VIP sex abuse involving children.

She helped to cover-up the Kincora scandal by assigning the latest investigation of it to the extraordinarily dim-witted and gullible Judge Anthony Hart who made an unholy mess of it. Hart even managed to contradict himself in the body of his own report, a first by any low standard. Unlike George Terry, the former Chief Constable of Sussex, who had reported on Kincora decades earlier, Hart was not corrupt, merely a fool who would have been out of his depth in a puddle. By giving it to this dolt, May was able to separate it from the ongoing Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) which was meant to investigate VIP sex abuse involving, inter alia, MPs. Assigning the probe into Kincora to Hart made no sense as it was part of an Anglo-Irish vice ring with connections to Westminster MPs. However, the existence of Hart’s impotent inquiry gave the dreadful IICSA grounds for ignoring Kincora and the abuse perpetrated by English VIPs of Kincora boys such as Enoch Powell MP, James Molyneaux MP, Knox Cunningham MP and others. Not a peep out of May about any of this.

Professor Jay. Her lamentable inquiry has ignored a mountain of evidence relating to VIP child-sex abuse.

A lengthy Village investigation into the Finucane assassination – with new information about the role of Tommy Lyttle of the UDA – was published in October 2018 and updated last October. It was Lyttle who ordered the shooting on behalf of his MI5-Special Branch handlers. Significantly, he also trafficked Richard Kerr from Kincora for abuse by paedophiles. The investigation can be read at :   Thatcher’s Murder Machine, the British State assassination of Patrick Finucane. By Joseph de Burca.

Richard Kerr. As a child he was trafficked by the UDA leader who ordered the assassination of Patrick Finucane. None of this bothers Theresa May who is now castigating Boris Johnson over his lack of ‘values’.


There is a small update to the Finucane-Lyttle-UDA-MI5 story. One of the individuals featured in the investigation was Tommy Lyttle, the former UDA leader who ordered the assassination at the behest of his MI5/RUC Special Branch handlers. The article traced his role as an MI5 agent from the 1970s onwards. One of his tasks was to ferry Richard Kerr, a resident at Kincora Boys’ Home, to child abusers. In recent times, Kerr has been trawling through photographs and video footage and has identified one of the hotels to which Lyttle and his associates trafficked him. The photograph appears below:

The Conway hotel


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