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The right-wing QAnon anti-vaccine cult has arrived in Ireland. They, and elements of Ireland’s extreme right, are threatening to reverse gains made by the lockdown. QAnon is a con. Here is the ABC-Q why.

By David Burke.

Some of the right-wing anti-lockdown-mask-vaccine brigade believe the government’s vaccine programme is part of an alien plot.

The madness and mayhem in Washington earlier this year was fuelled by thousands of so-called ‘patriots’ who believe the world is ruled by ‘swamp’ puppets of a reptilian race from outer space who murder and sexually abuse children. They see the various anti-Covid vaccines as integral parts of a plot against humanity. In normal times this would be something to laugh at but with Covid killing people on a daily basis and mutant strains reaching Ireland from as far away as Brazil, their beliefs have the potential to kill people.

QAnon features across a range of anti-lockdown message boards and web sites involving Irish people. Over 100,000 Irish people have discussed various types of conspiracy theories on Facebook and other social media outlets about Covid-19, lockdowns, vaccines and masks.

The coalition of QAnon Qballs, devotees of David Icke, anti-Reptilian conspiracy theorists and right-wing thugs present in Dublin last week could have sparked a super spreading event. The only people wearing masks were the gardai and journalists.

One maskless protester, who was carrying National Party literature, told Mark Tighe of The Sunday Times that she was protesting against the lockdown and vaccines. ‘We’re here to protest against RTE as well,’ she added. As reported by Tighe: “Her friend said over ‘9,000 people went missing in Ireland last year’. Asked how this was linked to RTE, the pair outlined a conspiracy theory that involved babies being killed and harvested for ‘adrenochrome’ which is being used to keep RTE celebrities ‘looking young while the corpses are buried under the new children’s hospital’.”

Some anti-lockdown protesters believe babies are being killed and harvested for ‘adrenochrome’ which is being used to keep RTE celebrities ‘looking young while the corpses are buried under the new children’s hospital’.

The riots in Dublin have provided a taste of what happened in Washington at the beginning of the year when tens of thousands of ardent QAnon devotees from around the planet – including his followers in Ireland – waited for the ‘Storm’ to take place. This was meant to have happened during Joe Biden’s inauguration on 20 January 2021. The ‘Storm’ was to have involved a swoop by an army of patriots working for the US Army led by their fantasy saviour QAnon and his alleged partner Donald Trump. Yes, really.

The patriots were set to arrest the key members of a cabal of alleged child-abusing Satanic cannibals.

Prison camps had been made ready.

Sealed indictments were ready to be served.

Of course nothing of the sort materialised.

Trump is a hero to QAnon supporters, the best president the US has ever had.

Despite this wake up call, the Qballs and the right-wing elements who joined them in Washington have not gone away. They still hold anti-lockdown-vaccine-mask views. QAnon, apparently, is biding his time. He will yet strike.

Joe Biden is now the focus of much attention as a core member of the cannibal cabal. Presumably the Taoiseach and Tanaiste can be added to the list. The purported international circle also includes the Clintons, Obama and Bush family members.

According to QAnon activists, the cabal also controls the media and entertainment world, no doubt why RTE are being supplied with so much ‘adrenochrome’. Pat Kenny at Newstalk is obviously thriving on it.

Sadly, we have to take this daftness seriously. Hundreds of thousands of lives are at stake due to the cult’s assertion that COVID-19 does not exit and masks and hygiene are unnecessary.

The men behind the QAnon message board: Frederick Brennan; Jim and Ron Watkins.

Who is responsible for this madness? QAnon is presented by the conmen responsible for this fraud as some sort of a powerful US military intelligence insider who works with Donald Trump. Trump is portrayed as a latter day political version of Flash Gordon.

If we are to believe the hype, QAnon and Trump are not alone: a group of brave generals at the Pentagon opposed to the ‘Deep State’ are helping them in their spare time.

The conmen behind the non-existent QAnon communicate with the hundreds of thousands of Qballs via Q drops on message boards. Their most recent e-pulpit was built in the Philippines by a man called Frederick Brennan and operated by Jim Watkins and his son Ron.

The Q drops on the Watkins’ message board are deciphered by Q’s horribly gullible devotees. Throughout the day leading up to Biden’s inauguration ceremony, Q dupes were assuring each other that their stormtroopers were about to pounce. ‘Trust the plan’, one of their mantras, was repeated on their message boards as panic grew. It began to dawn on a few that they had been conned. Others insisted that their time was still, finally, about to come. It was all creepily redolent of ISIS’s expectation of a prophesised Armageddon as US-led forces closed in on Dabiq in Syria in 2016. They believed the Prophet Muhammed told his followers hundreds of years ago that “the last hour will not come” until an Islamic army vanquished “the Romans” there. Americans were Romans.

The only place QAnon is sending this man, is to prison.

The Epstein and Weinstein scandals convinced many that the Q dropping con artists on the Watkins’ message board were telling the truth. Incredibly, 19 or more Republican candidates in the recent elections displayed support for the movement.

Two of them were elected to Congress.

In Washington five people died. Now, hundreds face prison. Predictably, Trump had thrown them under a bus. No pardons for any of them. In reality, he sees them as witless ‘white trash’. In Dublin the rioters threw fireworks at the Gardai. The potential for serious trouble at future protests is high.

Someone, somewhere has made a fortune along the way in merchandising.

8kun, the message board run by the Watkins, earns money from advertising. The fabricated ‘QAnon’ has proved to be a star attraction.

Sadly, for the more violent QAnon activists – especially those now facing long prison sentences for the invasion of Capitol Hill –  Donald Trump was never in league with anyone or any group even remotely resembling QAnon. He was tweeting, applying his fake mango tan and playing golf.

By the time the pandemic is over, the people posting on the Watkins’ message board will have – at the very least – tens of thousands of deaths on their hands.

Soon, 500,000 Americans will be dead from COVID-19.

Ridiculously, the Qballs signed up for the campaign to keep Trump in power after his clear cut election defeat.  In the dying days of the Third Reich, the Nazis were able to maintain the morale of Germans with the promise of miracle weapons which were going to finally repulse the Allies. The conman/men on the Watkins’ message board kept his/their scam alive with the promise of the ‘Storm’.

Aside from the Capitol Hill deaths, the COVID-19 carnage, the ruined health of COVID-19 survivors, the waste of time dupes devote to QAnon, the family disputes all this creates for some, the Q movement has undermined credible investigative journalism: how many serious investigations into the Epstein scandal were ignored for years because they were appropriated and debased by the Q loonies? The cover they have afforded real child traffickers is depressing.

A Village investigation based on facts, photographs and bank accounts can be found here: Trump’s mentor: another sociopathic paedophile child-trafficker in the mix; from Roy Cohn to Epstein and Maxwell.

The reputational damage to the US is immeasurable: there are now two QAnon dolts in Congress.

Republican Congresswomen: Lauren Boebert (left turning) and Marjorie Taylor Green

A large and powerful light now needs to be shone on Jim and Ron Watkins. They know precisely who has been posting Q drops on their message board. It is time for full transparency.

The hysteria is not going away. Washington and Dublin are not the only cities to have suffered violence and riots fuelled by the Q madness. It is happening all around the globe.

Not all of the suckers have lost their ‘trust’ in the ‘plan’ despite the fact they were so wrong about the ‘Storm’.

Preposterous theories continue to fester and multiply.

Examples of postings by QAnon supporters.

The US establishment has to shoulder some of the blame for the sorry state in which the country now finds itself.

The way it dealt with the assassination of John F Kennedy is often cited as the event which caused ordinary Americans to lose faith in their leaders. A string of events followed which exacerbated this growing level of mistrust: Watergate, Iran-Contra, CIA-backed-coups in South America and elsewhere, allegations about weapons of mass destruction, to mention but a few self-inflicted wounds.

Some are now suggesting QAnon was a CIA-FBI-MI5 construct all along. Compared to some of the other theories, the latter is the least madcap.

Now America must deal with this legacy of distrust, the Qballs, social media anarchy and, perhaps most potently, a seething, vengeful Russia and China with all the cyber resources at their disposal to manipulate and destabilise the US from within.

Sadly, there will continue to be an overspill from the US to Ireland with hoards of unhygienic maskless anti-vaccine dolts creating potential superspreading events at future protests.

Jim and Ron Watkins.

The world as seen through the eyes of QAnon devotees:

Someone is making a fortune from QAnon supporters.
QAnon followers believe Biden and Harris are agents of Satan.