14 March/April 2022
N  the chairman of ISME (the small and medium enterprise
lobbyist), Seamus Butler, wildly alleed that – in my capacity as CEO of
ISME - Id been involved in fraud of the EU by submittin unpaid invoices
for payment of EU rants. In fact, unknown to me and after ISME had
claimed the rant, the EU chaned its rules, to prohibit what was
formerly standard practice – its own acceptance of such unpaid invoices -
across the EU.
It was that chane that ave credibility to the alleation. Butler and others
in ISME wanted to et rid of me, since I adamantly opposed ISMEs involve-
ment in the social partnership process which was becomin central to its
operations. Butler’s supporters were actually in private discussions with
Mary Harney, Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, concernin her decision
to include ISME in the partnership process despite my opposition. I had not
been informed.
Since I had the overwhelmin support of the members and I had refused
the inducement of £,-plus to resin, ettin rid of me was not oin
to be easy. Butler, however, was willin to o to considerable lenths to
destroy my character and thus directweaken my authority. So, as explicitly
threatened, Butler implemented threats to ensure that I would “never work
in this country aain” by makin “poor controls and manaement. look
like fraud”.
To that end he conspired in  to brin phoney complaints to the Garda.
Nevertheless in , despite the prior faxed threats and to everyone’s
The State, led by
Micheál Martin, lied
and destroyed me
By Frank Mulcahy
Martin said hed correct his statements
implicating me in fraud after the EU showed
that far from committing fraud I’d been set up
by his department, but didn’t a) to protect a
party colleague and b) to protect the exchequer
from a maladministration claim. Indeed the
State eventually effected a useless Inquiry
process to cover the scandal up
Fax from accountants confirming ISME leaders Hynes, Hobdell and
O’Loinsigh threatened in 1998 that “Frank Mulcahy’s name will be
blackened, he will never work in this country again”.
surprise, his alleations were treated seriously and forwarded to the DPP.
In the end no prosecution was recommended. Two years later, after an inter
nal ISME report concluded that Butler had justified his alleations by
discreetly corruptin previously audited accounts, I endeavoured to enae