July-August 2024 17
Where is Wyman?
He ran the notorious Littlejohn brothers
who attempted to infiltrate the Official
IRA, conducted bank robberies and
petrol-bombed Garda stations
y book ‘The Puppet Masters,
How MI6 Masterminded
Irelands Deepest State
Crisis’, will be published at
the end of June. The book is
about the crimes and dirty tricks perpetrated
by the British Secret Service, MI6, in the
Republic of Ireland in the early 1970s.
Unlike most studies of British intrigue in
Ireland, it does not play out in Belfast, Derry
or South Armagh. Instead, it starts in Bray, Co
Wicklow and moves to other parts of the
Republic. The main focus falls on Patrick
Crinnion, who grew up in a cottage in Bray
which the Viscount of Powerscourt owned. He
joined the Gardaí in 1955. A member of Mensa,
he was soon assigned to the Special Detective
Unit (SDU) and, a few years later, transferred
to work at C3, at Garda headquarters in the
Phoenix Park. C3 was the nerve centre of
Garda intelligence. Only 11 ocers were
working at C3 at the time. This group had
access to every single report generated by the
SDU. Crinnion learned everything the SDU
knew about the IRA as he monitored the
divisions in its ranks during the 1960s, before
the movement reached a fracture point in
1969. That split produced the Ocial and
Provisional wings of the IRA.
Crinnion went on to play a considerable
role in the Arms Crisis, an event that plunged
the State into a deep crisis in 1970. It split
John Wyman was Head of MI6’s
Republic of Ireland spy network
between 1961-1972, where he
probably picked out paedophiles to
be blackmailed, and rent boys
By David Burke
Fianna Fáil for the next twenty (or more)
years and boosted the fortunes of the
Provisional IRA. Crinnion also played a
crucial part in the surveillance of Seán
MacStíofáin and others in the IRA such as
Rita O’Hare.
Early in his career at C3, Crinnion was
recruited by another Garda to become a
British agent. Crinnion’s spy handler was a
man called John Wyman, who ran MI6’s
network in the Republic of Ireland during
the 1960s and early 1970s. The Garda knew
about the older Garda agent who recruited
Crinnion but he was never arrested and is
now dead.
John Wyman of MI6 may still be alive. He
was a ruthless amoral character. He
committed multiple crimes in the Republic
during his career as a spy. He ran the
notorious Littlejohn brothers who attempted
to infiltrate the Ocial IRA, conducted bank
robberies and petrol-bombed Garda
stations to push the Irish government into
enacting anti-IRA legislation. Wyman was
in Dublin on the night of the 1 December
1972 bombings that ensured the
John Wymn seen here on
the left.
Kenneth Littlejohn, n MI6 gent who ws
sent to Irelnd to infiltrte the Officil IRA.