• Extremism has become normal

    Dump neoliberalism and build the just society optimising liberalism and equality envisaged by Rawls, Dworkin and Declan Costello by David Langwallner   In April 2015 I was asked to present a paper on ‘Towards A Just Society 2017’ to the West Cork Bar Association which, to my considerable surprise, was very well received by an […]

  • Her Majesty’s Hatchetman: the murder of Pat Finucane

    TOMMY LYTTLE AND THE SORDID LINK BETWEEN THE KINCORA BOYS’ HOME SCANDAL AND THE PATRICK FINUCANE ASSASSINATION   By Joseph de Burca On 12 February, 1989, the UDA assassinated Patrick Finucane, a highly regarded Belfast solicitor, at his North Belfast home. Finucane, who was 38-years-old, was shot 14 times by two masked UDA gunmen who […]

  • State land could provide 114,000 dwellings

    Both NAMA (The National Asset Management Agency) and Local Authorities have been criticised for ‘land-hoarding’, ‘sitting’ on sites particularly in Dublin and the Greater Dublin Area (GDA) and not developing land that could be used to address the current housing crisis. Despite the amount of land under their control, Minister Eoghan Murphy has recently asked the […]


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