• N-AMAteur mistake: Kilcooley Abbey

    One of the more intriguing stories surrounding the property disposals of NAMA concerns the sale of the historic Kilcooley Abbey Estate in Gortnahoe, County Tipperary. In late 2013, the estate comprising an 18th century mansion, 220 acres of farmland, five staff houses, courtyard buildings, a lake, boathouse and a 12th century Cistercian abbey and chapel […]

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  • Uncool Britannia

    This magazine took a surprisingly benign stance on the mediocre legacy of Enda Kenny, despite the facts that he embraced neither the substantive equality nor the sustainability that animate this magazine. The main reason for this was that it is clear that our times have thrown up much worse. In Donald Trump and the Brexiteers […]

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  • More than averagely trusting

    The Jobstown trial has inspired a lot of commentary on both the power of social media to influence outcomes, and the credibility (or lack of same) of ‘mainstream’ media. Perhaps predictably, most of the commentary seemed to reinforce already existing viewpoints. Social-media users sympathetic to the protestors and their cause were more likely to regard […]

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Irish population experiencing two or more types of enforced deprivation (www.tasc.ie)

Ireland’s renewable energy use in 2016, short of 16% target by 2020 (www.epa.ie)


Homeless adults in Ireland (www.housing.gov.ie)

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Family units: 1365
Children in homeless familes: 2895
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