• Farmers Journal is undermined by climate-change denial

    Part of the 1970s was striking advertising. ‘Kilkenny Mart’ was a poster featuring a powerfully built bull with a ring through its nose. The unsubtle slogan: ‘No bull in the Irish Farmers Journal’. The old Kilkenny Mart is long gone: its successor the multi-million euro Cillín Hill facility is situated a few kilometres outside the […]

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  • Nature-based solutions for our cities

    The growth of Dublin at the expense of rural Ireland is a familiar refrain, amplified in post-crash Ireland. While it is true that Ireland has a particularly unbalanced economic and population growth pattern focused on its capital city, increased urbanisation is a global trend. Along with pressure on housing, this urbanisation poses a range of […]

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  • Trump: Philosopher Mogul

    A group of United States mental health professionals has expressed concern about the mental health of Donald Trump. Psychologist Dr John Gartner said: “We do believe that Donald Trump’s mental illness is putting the entire country, and indeed the entire world, in danger. As health professionals we have an ethical duty to warn the public […]

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Irish population experiencing two or more types of enforced deprivation (www.tasc.ie)

Ireland’s renewable energy use in 2016, short of 16% target by 2020 (www.epa.ie)


Homeless adults in Ireland (www.housing.gov.ie)

Data from May 2017. See more
Family units: 1312
Children in homeless familes: 2777
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