• How the Green party can wrestle its conscience to a draw.

    As the dinosaur parties draw up a framework coalition document the Greens should draw up their own strong agenda for the era of Covid and climate, and pull out if it’s not agreed, and implemented. By Michael Smith. In the absence of a relevant Labour Party the Greens have become by far the biggest force […]

  • Lessons learnt about probable Covid-19 cases and deaths in Ireland

    It seems probable that applying the necessary measures, currently mandated, deaths will be contained to 500-1000 with a return to normal beginning in the middle of May. By Michael Smith. It is important to follow Government recommendations and edicts. This need not stop us trying to work out what the future probably holds if we […]

  • A Murder for Mountbatten [Extended version]

    By Joseph de Burca The cover-up of Lord Louis Mountbatten’s sexual abuse of children has left a trail of death and destruction in its wake. This article has been updated to include more information about John McKeague’s activities as an MI5 agent. Introduction: The British Establishment persists in covering up the crimes of an Anglo-Irish […]





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