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Tune into BBC 2 tonight. From Jimmy Savile to Carl Beech, the BBC’s lamentable coverage of VIP sex abuse.

Jimmy Savile

By Joseph de Burca.

The BBC has a lamentable record insofar as VIP sex abuse is concerned. It allowed Jimmy Savile prey on children for decades while countless officials knew what he was like. Johnny Lydon (aka ‘Johnny Rotten’ of the Sex Pistols) was shut down when he tried to expose Savile. If Lydon – a complete outsider –  knew he was a child molester, it is not hard to imagine how many people inside the BBC also were aware.

Johnny Lydon

Why the BBC really covered up for Savile is still a matter for conjecture. The most likely answers are deference to the British Establishment and the malign influence of British Intelligence, especially MI5 which is attached to the Home Office. Savile was a friend of the Royal Family, Margaret Thatcher and other VIPs. Savile was also part of the various overlapping VIP abuse rings which were being exploited by Britain’s intelligence services for various nefarious reasons.

Prince Andrew being ‘interviewed’ by the BBC

The BBC continues to turn a blind eye to evidence of VIP sex abuse. Grotesquely, it enjoys a reputation for quite the opposite, especially in light of its tepid interview of Prince Andrew late last year, saved only by Andrew hanging himself through his hubris. During that interview, Prince Andrew was not asked about his friendship with Lord Greville Janner and Alan Kerr, a teenage male prostitute that Janner had introduced to him at a performance of the Prince and the Pauper in the 1980s. See The Prince, the pauper and the paedophile peer: the dangerous questions the BBC failed to ask.

BBC 2 is about to broadcast a documentary on Carl Beech (9.30 tonight). Beech is the conman once known only as ‘Nick’, who has somehow managed to convince the British public that VIP sex abuse was a figment of his imagination. People who have defended the reputation of former British Prime Minister Ted Heath have claimed that the conviction of Beech last year for his lies was a vindication of their position. This is illogical. Logically, if Heath is to be deemed innocent of child abuse simply because Beech included him as part of his litany of lies, Jimmy Savile must be innocent too as he was also included in Beech’s output. The case against Heath was made by the Wiltshire Police after a very thorough investigation. Its commendable report can be found online.See also Does ‘Nick’s’ conviction mean Jimmy Savile and Ted Heath are innocent? Yes, if you work for the British tabloid press. By Joseph de Búrca

Last year,  Village  magazine examined Beech’s background and put forward the case that he is a lot more than a mere fantasist. On the contrary, he appears to have been either used or exploited or employed by a cabal which is determined to convince the British public that VIP sex abuse did not take place. There are very serious questions to be answered about the large sums of money which Beech acquired.

The acid test will be to see if the BBC documentary asks questions about:

  •  Beech’s motives (was he is a paedophile himself, and part of the cabal which wished to protect VIP paedophiles)
  • the motives of the police officers who afforded Beech credibility (when all the evidence pointed against Beech having any);
  •  the source of Beech’s income (which was sufficient to purchase a house in Scandinavia where he planned to flee)

Meanwhile, the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) has turned out to be a monumental failure. One of the many reasons for its failure has been its point-blank refusal to interview a string of living witnesses who could have provided it with evidence of VIP sex abuse.

Combined, it would appear that the cabal behind Beech, the BBC and the IICSA have persuaded – and will continue to persuade –  the British public that VIP sex abuse did not exist.

The former Tory MP Harvey Proctor may feature on the BBC documentary. Beech alleged that Proctor had been involved in child murder. That was a lie. Proctor never murdered anyone. He did, however, exploit teenage rent boys. He was convicted for this in the 1980s. If he is interviewed by the BBC, will Proctor provide a full account of his dealings with teenage male prostitutes, or simply focus on his reaction to Beech’s false murder allegation? Will Proctor provide details about:

  • The rent boys he abused?
  • Will he be asked if he paid rent boys on other occasions?
  • Will he name other MPs who exploited them?
  • Will he explain what steps – if any – he took to ensure that the rent boys he exploited had not been groomed and abused in orphanages or care homes earlier in their lives?
  • Will he be asked why he thought the rent boys let him and others abuse them if not on account of poverty?
  • Will he name the restaurant where he took one particular now high profile teenager from Northern Ireland for a meal and describe the full nature and background to his contact with this individual?
  • Will he be asked about his views on the exploitation of impoverished and disadvantaged teenage prostitutes by adults?

A balanced documentary would address these isssues as well as the motive behind Beech’s campaign of lies. The purpose of the documentary should be to strip away the lies and refocus on VIP sex abuse.

The main beneficiary of Beech’s campaign of lies was MI5 and MI6. The BBC and MI5 and MI6 have a long fraternal history. The BBC was used by the various branches of British Intelligence during World War II in its operational activities. While it is difficult – if not impossible – to take issue with the use of the BBC during World War II as a propaganda tool to help suppress the Nazis, it should be noted that the deep symbiosis between the two organisations remained in place during the Cold War and beyond. MI5 was permitted to vet all employees at the BBC until at least the 1980s. The BBC permitted MI5 to run an office at its HQ for the purpose of spying on its employees. At a  governance level, Dame Daphne Park, a former MI6 officer looked after British Intelligence interests. Park also ran the British-Irish Association in the 1980s where she forged a friendship with Dr Garret FitzGerald, a leading Irish politician who served two terms as taoiseach (prime minister). Earlier in her career she was involved in the murder of Patrice Lumumba in the Congo.

A whole succession of MI5 and MI6 officers also worked inside the BBC.

Village  has produced an online book entitled the ‘Anglo-Irish Vice Ring’ which outlines the existence of VIP child sex abuse and the protection afforded to that ring by both MI5 (attached to the Home Office and (MI6 (attached to the Foreign Office). The book starts here: The Anglo-Irish Vice Ring. Chapters 1 – 3.

The documentary on Monday 24 August will tend to clarify if the BBC is part of the solution or still part of the problem insofar as endemic VIP child sex abuse is concerned.

Alan Kerr

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