• Unbroken Continuity

    Unbroken Continuity

    On a Saturday in April Republican Sinn Féin (RSF) gathered outside the Garden of Remembrance at Parnell Square in Dublin for their national centenary commemoration. As Garda Special branch approached members and onlookers from the public for their names and addresses, the RSF colour party formed up in front of the garden. To the music […]

  • console-image-alt

    Some Consolation

    The World Giving Index consistently ranked Ireland in the top five until 2015, when it dropped to its lowest rank of ninth perhaps due to certain scandals in the Irish charity sector. Before the recent revelations concerning Console there had been a number of high-profile scandals over the last five years, affecting the reputation of […]

  • Swindle-at-TSB

    Swindle at TSB: 2016, and 1958 to 1993

    JUNE 2016 The day before Brexit, Permanent TSB shares soared amid speculation that the 75%-state-owned bank may eventually merge with another lender. Shares surged by 10 per cent though they had fallen by more than half since the government sold shares last year. Michael Noonan said: “The share price has been under pressure for a […]

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Wealth held by the Top 10% in Ireland (www.tasc.ie)

0160359 tonnes

CO2 emissions per day in Ireland (www.epa.ie)


Number of homeless in Ireland (www.housing.gov.ie)

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Family units: 1078
Children in homeless familes: 2206
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