• Trumping science

    The new American President is post-science just as he is post-truth. His number one environmental priority is to cancel the Paris Climate Agreement, not uncoincidentally the number one environmental priority for environmentalists.

  • Turmoil over de-institutionalisation

    The planned closure of the St Mary of the Angels institution in Beaufort, Co Kerry has brought a disconcerting media focus on the issue of de-institutionalisation of people with intellectual disabilities. The families of residents have made their feelings known on how the closure of that institution is being handled. They have launched a Facebook […]

  • Beware

    The enforcement of Privacy and Data Protection Law is meagre in Ireland compared to the rest of the EU. This is exciting for practitioners but can be distressing for members of the public; one day it could even be for you! In the case of Max Schrems, now landmark law, an Austrian complainant notified the […]

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Irish population experiencing two or more types of enforced deprivation (www.tasc.ie)

Ireland’s renewable energy use in 2016, someway short of 16% target by 2020 (www.epa.ie)


Homeless adults in Ireland (www.housing.gov.ie)

Data from November 2016. See more
Family units: 1205
Children in homeless familes: 2549
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