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Updated: The very best (and worst) of British.

A new book, 'Scandal at Dolphin Square’, by Simon Danczuk and Daniel Smith, has received acclaim in Britain. Yet, the chapters about VIP sex abuse in it are being ignored by the UK press. Danczuk, a former MP, is one of a number of courageous British individuals who has tried to tell the truth about British government crimes in Ireland. He joins the honourable ranks of Colin Wallace, Fred Holroyd, John Stalker, Byron Lewis and John Stevens. By Joseph de Burca.

The very best of British: John Stalker, Colin Wallace, Simon Danczuk, Fred Holroyd and John Stevens. There is no known photograph of Byron Lewis who went into hiding in the 1990s.

Dolphin Square VIP sex abuse.

Dolphin Square was opened in London’s Pimlico in 1936. It soon became a magnet for all sorts of scandal and intrigue:  espionage, political, sexual, not to mention mysterious deaths. ‘Scandal at Dolphin Square’ provides a riveting account of the lives of a rolling maul of fascinating and complex characters. As publicity for the publication accurately proclaims, it was ‘a place where the private lives of those from the highest of high society and the lowest depths of the underworld have collided and played out over the best part of a century’. It was also a cesspit where Prince Andrew’s friend Lord Greville Janner abused children.

The two most important chapters in the book, both of which describe the activities of members of a VIP child abuse network, have been ignored by the British press.

Dolphin Square.

Cut from the same cloth: the Russian and British press

Consumers of the media in the UK, have no appreciation of the extent to which they are kept in the dark about British Establishment scandals. They are completely unaware of the role Buckingham Palace played in suppressing the Jeffrey Epstein scandal for years before it broke in the US media. See: Palace of Discord and Deception. [Updated] Prince William’s officials covered-up his uncle’s involvement in the Epstein-Maxwell sex trafficking scandal. By Joseph de Burca.

At the moment, many in Britain are exasperated at the ignorance of the ordinary Russian citizen who is misled by a corrupt Putlin-led media spouting nonsense about Nazism in the Ukraine. If the average Brit knew about what has been going on in Ireland, he and she might not laugh with such disdain at the typically ignorant Russian newspaper reader. The Dolphin Square book will help open a few eyes in Britain about the wretchedness of their ruling classes. However, before I return to Dolphin Square, it may be helpful to look at a few examples from recent history to understand the wider picture which explains how the ordinary British newspaper reader has been left to wallow in ignorance about British establishment crimes in Ireland.

The tactic is: injure, insult and ignore.

There is a deep well of hurt in Ireland felt by many as a result of the lethal misbehaviour of the British army and intelligence services on this island, a history now more than fifty years in being. Fresh evidence of transgressions continue to emerge with depressing regularity. In recent times, they include reports from the Northern Ireland Ombudsman about collusion between Loyalist paramilitaries and the State involving the murder of Catholics, many of them non-combatants who were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. The murder of Irish citizens by British State actors is no more news in Britain than Putin’s war crimes in the Ukraine are for ordinary Russians. Astonishingly, there was little or no coverage of the fact that the State paid out £1.4 million to the families and survivors of the Miami Showband massacre.

There has been – and continues to be – a pattern of State sponsored injury followed by insult. The insult takes the form of the cover-up after the event. If the cover-up falls apart, then the British press and TV go into ‘ignore’ mode.

John Stalker who refused to back down when he discovered RUC-MI5 murder of a teenager. It cost him his career.

Former Deputy Chief Constable of Manchester, the late John Stalker. His career was destroyed by MI5.

The late John Stalker, the former Deputy Chief Constable of Manchester, investigated the RUC’s shoot to kill programme in Ireland in the 1980s. He discovered, for example, that the RUC and MI5 had murdered a teenage boy who had stumbled across an IRA arms dump in a hay shed. Stalker refused to back off and was stabbed in the back by his own side. The deepest wounds were those inflicted by his boss, James Anderton,  a man who believed that God spoke ‘to him and through him’. In reality Anderton became an accessory after the fact to the murder of the boy at the hay shed. Stalker was smeared by a corrupt press in Britain, linked to criminality and taken off his inquiry. The killers got away Scot free as did all of those involved in shafting Stalker. Few in Britain could have cared less. Although he cleared his name, Stalker retired from the police early a demoralised man.

Former Chief Constable James Anderton. He stabbed his own deputy in the back to help MI5 cover up the murder of an innocent teenager.

Byron Lewis, intimidated and vilified for telling the truth about Bloody Sunday

David Cleary (better known as Soldier F) was responsible for a large number of the killings which took place on Bloody Sunday in Derry in 1972. Byron Lewis was beside him on the day of the massacre. Lewis killed no one – he was a radio operator. The journalist and broadcaster Tom McGurk conducted an investigation into Bloody Sunday and uncovered a written account by Lewis. He published it in The Sunday Business Post in Dublin. Privately, he supplied additional information to the Irish Government. This, finally, provided the ‘new evidence’ the British government required to establish a fresh inquiry. And what happened to Lewis? Although McGurk was careful not to name him, his identity was leaked – probably by the Ministry of Defence in London to a gang of soldiers who tried to persuade him not to talk to the Savile Inquiry. The soldiers found where he was living. In a case of mistaken identity, his housemate was beaten so badly he was taken to hospital. That same night Lewis’ life was threatened and he had to go into hiding. When he appeared at the Saville Inquiry, attempts were made to tear his character apart. Lewis has never emerged from hiding.

Soldier F/ David Cleary: he shot Catholics while they lay wounded and helpless on the ground.

And what of Cleary? The British government of Boris Johnson is presently trying to enact legislation so that he and others like him will not have to face murder charges.

Fred Holroyd: smeared and vilified for exposing Robert Nairac and the Dublin  and Monaghan bombers of 1974

When Fred Holroyd, a former undercover British soldier, refused to go along with MI5’s murderous collusion with Loyalist paramilitaries in Northern Ireland, he was sent to Netley, a psychiatric hospital, for a review. On the day of his arrival, some of the staff – military doctors – ran to their rooms rather than interview him. They knew in advance that he was being set up and didn’t want to have anything to do with the sham. Holroyd was a danger to the dirty trick exponents in Northern Ireland as he knew about the links between the Loyalists who bombed Dublin and Monaghan in 1974 and the State. By sending Holroyd to Netley, MI5 was able to get him out of Northern Ireland and replace him with someone who was prepared to collude with Loyalist murder gangs. The ploy also allowed them lay the ground to claim that Holroyd was not reliable.

Fred Holroyd and Robert Nairac. The doctors at Netley hospital ran to their rooms to avoid having to make an unethical psychiatric diagnosis of Holroyd who was refusing to participate in MI5 murder schemes in Northern Ireland.

Holroyd later revealed much of what he knew and was smeared by the UK media. Holroyd provided valuable information about the activities of Robert Nairac, the soldier who ran the UVF gang responsible for the Miami Showband massacre.

Holroyd is presently suing the State for his maltreatment.

The British government refuses to release its files on the bomb attacks to the Irish government.

John Stevens: arsonists attacked his office as he probed MI5-Loyalist collusion.

When John Stevens, one of the most senior police officers in Britain,  tried to investigate collusion between the State and Loyalist paramilitaries, MI5 arsonists set fire to the office where he and his team had stored their evidence including multiple statements taken from witnesses.

Sir John Stevens. His office in Northern Ireland, one of the most protected sites in the world, was attacked by arsonists as he probed MI5-Loyalist collision.

Judge Cory: evidence was stolen as he probed the MI5-Loyalist assassination of the lawyer Patrick Finucane.

In more recent times Theresa May and David Cameron have refused to permit an inquiry into the 1989 murder of the lawyer Patrick Finucane despite – or rather because of – a mountain of evidence linking MI5 and the RUC to the murder.

Theresa May. While British Home Secretary May refused to establish a judicial inquiry into the Patrick Finucane murder. MI5 was responsible for it. May now lectures Boris Johnson about morality and ethics.

Theresa May has forgotten how she helped cover up this murder. Instead, in recent years she has taken to administering lectures to Boris Johnson about morality. At least David Cameron had the decency to explain to the Finucane family that his hands were tied by strong forces which were preventing him from ordering an inquiry. When he did so, he waved his finger around him indicating that the mandarins of Whitehall were responsible for the cover-up. He also stated that his predecessor, Gordon Brown, had been unable to order an enquiry as well. Like May, Brown now pontificates as if he is a paragon of virtue with no stain on his reputation.

In 2019 the Supreme Court in London ruled that the British Government had failed to investigate the murder properly. The only tenable reason for this is because the murder was organised by MI5, the intelligence service attached to the Home Office.

Judge Peter Cory.

A retired Canadian judge, Peter Cory, investigated the murder on behalf of the British State in 2004. However, his probe lacked the powers vested in a judicial inquiry. During the Cory probe, MI5 officers broke into his office and stole some of the evidence he had accumulated.

Geraldine Finucane
Dignity personified: Geraldine Finucane who was told by retired Canadian judge Peter Cory that papers relating to her husband Patrick were read at Cabinet level.

Cory also told Geraldine Finucane that he had seen a document relevant to her husband’s case which was marked  “for Cabinet eyes only”. Mrs Finucane knows no more. This raises the distinct possibility that her husband’s case was discussed in Whitehall in sinister circumstances before the murder. These revelations formed part of BBC NI’s compelling seven part Spotlight  series,  ‘The Secret History of the Troubles’. They have been ignored by the mainstream British media.

MI5 was led by Sir Patrick Walker at the time the assassination was planned and executed. If MI5 was involved, it is inconceivable he did not call  the shots – literally. Village accused Walker of having ordered the murder while he was still alive. He did not seek a right of reply, nor sue us for defamation.

See also: The D-G of MI5 who got away with the murder of Patrick Finucane has died.

And: Thatcher’s Murder Machine, the British State assassination of Patrick Finucane. By Joseph de Burca.

Former PM Gordon Brown. He too blocked a judicial inquiry into the RUC-MI5 murder of Patrick Finucane.

Colin Wallace: framed by the Home Office for trying to stop the rape of children.

Colin Wallace tried to expose the vice ring which preyed on the unfortunate residents at Kincora Boys Home. MI5 was blackmailing some of the abusers. One of them was John McKeague, leader of the Red Hand Commando, a sadistic child rapist and serial killer.

Colin Wallace. Framed by the Home Office and sent to prison for trying to stop MI5 sponsored abuse of children at Kincora Boys’ Home.

Wallace’s reward for trying to stop the abuse was to be framed for manslaughter. The Home Office, Northern Ireland Office (NIO) and MI5 pulled every dirty trick in their play book to destroy him. This culminated in the malicious prosecution for manslaughter during which witness evidence was suppressed and an audacious act of perjury was committed by a corrupt Home Office pathologist called Dr Iain West.  Wallace was sent to prison for seven years. His conviction was later quashed. West was not prosecuted for perjury, apparently on the basis of ill health.

Kincora Boys’ Home. The deceit and lies of Tory James Prior protected a paedophile network which destroyed multiple lives in Ireland and Britain.

While Wallace was inside, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, James Prior, covered up for the child rape gang by lying to the House of Commons about the terms of reference he had set for an inquiry he had been forced to call to look at Kincora. Prior told his colleagues in the Commons that the  inquiry would investigate the role of the security services but secretly changed the terms of reference behind their backs. Prior and those who conspired with him exposed hundreds if not thousands of children to rape and abuse which took place afterwards.

The Kincora scandal is the most foul of the entire Troubles. It involves layer upon layer of interwoven criminality and wrongdoing:

  1. Children were sexually abused by the network, including one from Williamson House who was eight years of age;
  2. The course of justice was perverted by the RUC, MI5, MI6, the NIO and Whitehall
  3. Abusers were blackmailed, a crime in its own right;
  4. Loyalist killers such as John McKeague were recruited to murder MI5-RUC targets;
  5. These murders were covered up;
  6. The House of Commons was misled by a slew of Cabinet ministers including James Prior;
  7. The RUC beat up at least one victim who wanted to give evidence to a court about the involvement of ‘Englishmen’ in the abuse at Kincora. The boy did not testify;
  8. Deliberate fraud was committed by Sir George Terry, author of the 1982 Terry Report. Terry was chief constable of the Sussex Police. They knew about Jimmy Saville too but failed to prosecute him.
  9. The Hughes (1984) and Hart (2017) inquiries were misled by perjury;
  10. Victims of the abuse were vilified;
  11. The British media suppressed evidence in its possession about the scandal. One of the (still) most high profile political broadcasters on British TV withdrew a story from a newspaper he edited. It featured an interview with a British Army general which exposed elements of the scandal;
  12. Some victims were driven to suicide, others to a life in prostitution;
  13. As a sick perk of their job, certain NIO and MI5 officials including Peter England and John Imrie abused children in the grip of the network.
James Prior. He misled the House of Commons about the terms of reference for the Hughes inquiry into Kincora.

Still fighting: Simon Danczuk, a courageous man on the right side of history. He exposed VIP sex abuse but it cost him his sest in Westminster after a smear campaign by the UK press.

A Brit with grit: Simon Danczuk. Smeared by the press in the UK for trying to expose VIP sex abuse. His new book contains materials on William van Straubenzee, a paedophile who served as deputy Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.

This is where Simon Danczuk comes back into the story. An Anglo-Irish Vice Ring came into existence after the Second World War (and may still be in existence in a different, more clandestine form). In Ireland, it preyed on boys from Kincora, Williamson House, Portora Royal College, the Freemason School in Dublin, and elsewhere. The children were sent to VIPs such as Lord Mountbatten during his Irish holidays. Other rapists include: Peter Montgomery, the Lord Lieutenant of Tyrone, Peter Blunt of MI5, Sir Knox Cunningham QC MP of the Orange Order,  and others. One of the victims, Stephen Warren, committed suicide a few months after his experiences with Mountbatten. See: SECOND UPDATE: Kincora boy abused by Mountbatten committed suicide months later.

The ring also sent boys from Belfast to England. See: How the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring Trafficked Boys from Belfast to MPs and a TV star in Britain

Danczuk played an impressive part in exposing the abuse by the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring, albeit his focus was on the British side of the scandal. Many of the rapists were MPs at Westminster. They included Ted Heath, prime minister 1970-74; Enoch Powell (who liked sadistic abuse),  James Molyneaux MP, Sir Cyril Smith, Sir Peter Morrison (Thatcher’s right hand at Westminster) and many others including two MPs who are still alive. Greville Janner, a Labour MP and later member of the House of Lords, abused boys at Dolphin Square. See also:  Prince Andrew has no need to sweat after publication of the Janner paedophile report.  Janner had strange links with Prince Andrew. See: The Prince, the pauper and the paedophile peer: the dangerous questions the BBC failed to ask. Non-MP abusers included the former Deputy Chief of MI6, Peter Hayman.

Political and intelligence protection: a close knit cabal of VIP paedophiles and pederasts.

Danczuk exposed the sex abuse perpetrated by Cyril Smith MP. His book on the topic, ‘Smile for the Camera: The Double Life of Cyril Smith’, is a must read for anyone interested in the scandal. Danczuk was vilified as he continued to probe the activities of VIP abusers. Village touched upon the campaign waged against him in 2017 predicting the smears would cost him his seat in the Commons. They did. See: Sex-abuse musical chairs

Grinning paedophiles: Enoch Powell enjoying the company of fellow paedophiles Jimmy Saville and Ted Heath

The children at Kincora, Williamson House and elsewhere across Britain and Northern Ireland were doomed.  Paedophiles and pederasts held all the important positions. The paedophile prime minster of the UK, Ted Heath, appointed Sir Maurice Oldfield, an abuser of underage male prostitutes, as Chief of MI6 in 1973. This meant that in the 1970s the chief and his deputy (Hayman) were abusers. Heath sent Willie Whitelaw as Secretary of State to Northern Ireland. Whitelaw was a self-confessed sexual blackmailer: when he was Tory chief whip he collected material for his so-called ‘dirt book’. The book contained  details of MPs who slept with boys.  And who did Heath appoint as Whitelaw’s deputy? No less a figure than William van Straubenzee MP. Key figures at the NIO were also involved including an undersecretary called Peter England and another high-flier called John Imrie.

Sir Maurice Oldfield, Chief of MI6 in the 1970s. He ran the Kincora ‘honey trap’ operation in the early and mid-1970s. Denis Payne and Ian Cameron of MI5 took it over from him.

Sir William van Straubenzee, MI5 and the Cabinet Office knew he was a child rapist.

In Danczuk’s new book about Dolphin Square  – written with Dan Smith – the authors detail the role of van Straubenzee in the abuse of children. It is contained in one of the two chapters which have been ignored by the British. The authors described van Straubenzee’s role thus:

William van Straubenzee, the paedophile MP sent to NI by Ted Heath.

William van Straubenzee is another name linked to the Square sus­pected of sexual offences against children. David Weeks, the former Westminster Council leader, has described how before being granted his Dolphin Square flat in 1970 he had to be interviewed by the Square’s general manager, a retired colonel. Weeks was confident he would pass muster with the colonel because he knew van Straubenzee, the solicitor for the Dolphin Square Trust and someone who went on to become Conservative MP for Wokingham. Straubenzee had told Weeks that he should mention his name to the colonel.  While Straubenzee did not live in the Square himself — he had a grace and favour flat at Lambeth Palace thanks to his involvement with the Church of England — he nonetheless clearly wielded significant influence in the Square as a legal advisor and quasi-gatekeeper. In evidence provided to IICSA by MI5. it was stated: ‘In 1982, M15 received information that suggested that William van Straubenzee engaged in sexual activities with young boys whilst in Northern Ireland [he had been Northern Ireland Minister between 1972 and 1974]. This information was shared with the Cabinet Office, who shared it with the Prime Minister.’ MI5 confirmed that if this intelligence had been received today, under current policy it would be passed to the police.

In July 2014, Lord Tebbit, who served in various Cabinet posi­tions under Margaret Thatcher, appeared on The Andrew Marr Show and answered questions related to allegations of historical abuse. Tebbit acknowledged that ‘there may well have been’ a ‘big political cover-up’ of abuse in the 1980s that needed to be understood in the context of the ‘atmosphere of the times’.”

Carl Beech, the fraud who derailed the opportunity to expose VIP sex abuse properly. Someone paid him a fortune to move to Scandanavia with false papers.

In recent times, the establishment in Britain has used the Carl Beech scandal to try to convince the world there was no VIP abuse in the UK. Among a slew of deceitful claims, Beech maintained he had been abused by Ted Heath and that children were murdered by a gang of VIP abusers.

Both these assertions were lies.

There is evidence that Beech was paid by those still involved in the protection of the paedophile gang to make these absurd allegations. The plan was to expose him as a liar later and bring other survivors of sex abuse with real evidence into disrepute.

Beech was paid a fortune by unknown benefactors along with false identity documentation and bank accounts in a variety of names. He was setting up a life in Scandinavia when he was arrested.

The British press – especially the Daily Mail – now maintain that Heath could not have been an abuser because Beech said he was. They perpetuate the lie that Beech was the sole source of an allegation against Heath. In reality, a thorough and wholly reliable investigation was conducted by the Wiltshire police. See: Not just Ted Heath: British Establishment paedophilia and its links to Ireland

Beech also claimed that he had been abused by Jimmy Savile. If we are to apply the Daily Mail logic about the innocence of Heath, then it follows that Jimmy Savile must be innocent too. See also: Carl Beech and the ‘Useful idiots’ at the BBC. The incompetence of the BBC has now made it a pawn in the cover-up of VIP sex abuse. The darkest forces in MI5 and MI6 are the true beneficiaries of its ineptitude.

Danczuk and Smith do not go as far as to suggest Beech was a deliberate plant sent to poison the truth but they do argue that:

The moment that Carl Beech’s untruths were labelled ‘credible and true’ by the police responsible for investigating them, an unpalatable but significant strand of the Dolphin Square story was skewed, perhaps forever. There was, all the evidence suggests, never an organised network of ‘VIP paedophiles’ plotting the murders of children. But there were, it is fair to conclude from a wealth of evidence, powerful individuals who did abuse children in Dolphin’s Square and who got away with it because of who they were and who they knew: in other words, they abused because they knew they could.

The Dolphin Square book is one around which there is a ‘buzz’. As one of the most interesting publications to emerge this year, it was never going to be ignored. Hence, the mainstream press in Britain simply made a slight correction to the course they normally follow (i.e. ignoring an unpalatable truth completely) and on this occasion simply ignored the part of the story embarrassing to the Establishment.

The real importance of the book is that it will reach a large number of readers who will have their eyes opened to the core fact that child abuse took place in Britain and was covered up.

Update: ‘Partygate’ matters more at Westminster than the killing of Irish people as a result of RUC-MI5-UDA-UVF collusion.

Lord Hennessy, a cross-party member of the House of Lords, has called on Boris Johnson to resign on account of his attendance at parties at 10 Downing Street during covid lockdowns and his subsequent lies to parliament about those events. He is part of a chorus calling for Johnson to resign.

The revelation that Jim Prior misled  the Commons did not cause as much as a murmur. This is not because it is acceptable to lie in parliament about Ireland, rather because no one in Westminster is awake to what has been going on in Ireland for decades.

Lord Hennessy

No one in Westminster is kicking up dust about the more recent revelations about MI5’s involvement in the Finucane assassination or that organisation’s collusion with Loyalist paramilitaries.

Hennessy’s wikipedia page describes him as ‘an English historian and academic specialising in the history of government’. In April 2022 he said Boris Johnson decision not to resign over ‘Partygate’ showed “complete and utter disdain for the decency of our constitutional conventions”.

He also criticised Johnson’s cabinet for defending his conduct and their exploitation of the war in Ukraine to argue there should not be a leadership contest now by saying they “cannot ignore the decency of your own system”.

He said: “The Queen’s First Minister is now beyond doubt a rogue prime minister, unworthy of her, her Parliament, her people, and her kingdom.

“I cannot remember a day when I have been more fearful for the well-being of the constitution.

“It’s an assault on not just the decent state of mind which keeps our society open and clean but also on the institutions of the state.

“If he’s not prepared to do the decent thing… why should anybody else behave decently and properly? The whole decency of our public life turns on this question.”

Presumably, if the outraged Hennessys of the UK ever find out about the official findings of collusive murder in Ireland, they will get just as exercised about them as they are now about Johnson’s lies to parliament about his birthday cake and sing along.


Prince Andrew has no need to sweat after publication of the Janner paedophile report.

James Molyneaux and the Kincora scandal.

James Molyneaux was linked to Kincora child rapist in British PSYOPS document.

Judge a (future) king by his courtiers: Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, pawns in the cover-up of a transatlantic paedophile network.

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With regard to Mountbatten: SECOND UPDATE: Kincora boy abused by Mountbatten committed suicide months later

Also: Mountbatten, the Royal who abused boys aged 8-12. The British Government purchased Mountbatten’s archive for the benefit of historians (allegedly) but has locked it away. It may include details about his links to paedophile networks including the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring.

With regard to Prince Andrew The Prince, the pauper and the paedophile peer: the dangerous questions the BBC failed to ask.

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With regard to Prince Philip: Prince Philip’s infidelity, love children and the Profumo scandal .

With regard to Roy Cohn who was Donald Trump’s mentorTrump’s mentor: another sociopathic paedophile child-trafficker in the mix; from Roy Cohn to Epstein and Maxwell.

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Village’s online book on the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring begins hereThe Anglo-Irish Vice Ring. Chapters 1 – 3.

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The plot to discredit victims of VIP sex abuseCarl Beech and the ‘Useful idiots’ at the BBC. The incompetence of the BBC has now made it a pawn in the cover-up of VIP sex abuse. The darkest forces in MI5 and MI6 are the true beneficiaries of its inepitude.

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With regard to Enoch PowellSuffer little children.

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With regard to former British prime minister Ted HeathNot just Ted Heath: British Establishment paedophilia and its links to Ireland

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With regard to Margaret Thatcher, MI5 and the murder of the lawyer Patrick Finucane: Thatcher’s Murder Machine, the British State assassination of Patrick Finucane. By Joseph de Burca.

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